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Chock Talk - Train Stabilization with Railcar Holding Devices

Improving Railcar Moving Efficiencies  with The CUB Indexing System

Heyl & Patterson to Present on Thermal Processing of Biomass Feedstocks at the International Biomass Conference

Benefits of a Variable Frequency Drive for Railcar Unloading

Battling Frozen Material with H&P's Hammermill.

Smarter, Stronger, Safer - Innovative Solutions for Unique Challenges

Thrust Roller Maintenance - Rolling into 2016

Top 5 Heyl & Patterson Blog Posts of 2015: The Year in Review

Railcar Movers Keep Urea Processing Plants Pushing Forward

Talc Processing and Applications

Drying Coal Ash to be Recycled

Direct Heat or Indirect Heat for Rotary Dryers

Wood Pellet Exports Supply Europe's Inexhaustible Need

Magnesium Oxide Production Through Calcining

Understanding Kaolin Processing, Mining and Uses

Grab Bucket Barge Unloaders for Efficient Inland Waterways

Characteristics and Benefits of Torrefied Wood

Mica Processing: Methods, Uses and Applications

Bauxite Dryers for the Aluminum Production Process

Heyl & Patterson Proudly Celebrates Manufacturing Day

Railcar Movers -- A Key Step in Bulk Material Handling

Can Algae Drying Help Solve Our Energy Problem?

Heyl & Patterson to Host Lab Facility Tour for Activated Carbon

Processing of Roofing Granules for Use on Asphalt Shingles

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Lithium Mineral Processing for a Variety of Uses

Industrial Dryers Convert Waste into Usable Energy

Yellowcake Processing to Remove Impurities From Uranium

Rare Earth Elements Processed with Rotary Calciners

Maintain and Upgrade Railcar Dumpers for a Lifetime of Unloading

Frac Sand Dryers: Analyzing the Merits of Rotary and Fluid Bed Styles

Pilot Plant Testing Leads to Better Results from a Fluid Bed Dryer

Foundry Sand Reclamation via Thermal Processing

Heyl & Patterson Compares Railcar Unloading Methods in World Coal

Heyl & Patterson Blog Celebrates Five Years

Drying Potash Leads to the Highest Quality Final Product

Thermal Processing of Zeolites for Catalytic Cracking

Unit Train Positioning Systems for Faster Unloading

Pittsburgh-Area Politicians Visit Heyl & Patterson to Discuss Energy

Heyl & Patterson to Present Frac Sand Drying at Oilfield Mineral Forum

PET Processing by Calcination

Coal Ash Drying and Beneficial Reuse

Fluid Bed Dryer Fundamentals

Why Upgrade Existing Bulk Material Handling Equipment?

Torrefaction Equipment Converts Wood Biomass into Biocoal

Heyl & Patterson Develops Equipment for Asteroid Mining

Unloading Wood Chips for the Production of Paper Pulp

Fertilizer Drying Leads to Higher Yields

Railcar Moving Devices Offer More Efficiency Than Locomotives

Pugmill Mixers and Factors that Impact Their Performance

Turning Powders, Dusts and Sludges Into Easy-To-Handle Granules

Heyl & Patterson Introduces New Barge Unloaders Brochure

Silica Gel and Its Use as an Effective Catalyst

Unloading Iron Ore by Rail

Thermal Processing Equipment Benefits a Gypsum Operation

How a Fluid Bed Dryer Operates

Frigid Conditions Call for a Hammermill When Unloading Bulk Materials

New Year's Resolution: Maintain Better Industrial Dryer Records

Top 10 Heyl & Patterson Blog Posts of 2014: The Year in Review

A Scale Model Railcar Dumper Can Be Part of a Holiday Tradition

The Use and Thermal Processing of Diatomaceous Earth

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at Power-Gen International 2014

Heyl & Patterson to Present on Frac Sand Drying at Frac Sand Insider

Answering Demand for Train Positioning in the Oil Sands Industry

Potash Drying is Vital to the Fertilizer Industry

Variety of Choice in River Barge Unloading

Innovative Zipper Duct Masters Dust Collection From Barge Unloading

Brighter Living Through the Processing of Titanium Dioxide

Heyl & Patterson Hosts 2014 Railcar Dumper User Group Conference

H&P Process Spotlight: Oil Sands Processing

Materials and Applications for Rotary Calciners

Algae Processing is Fueling the Aviation Industry

Rotary Coolers Optimize the Potential of Bulk Materials

Heyl & Patterson Relocates to New Headquarters

The Roles of Coal and Coke in Steelmaking

Drying Waste Materials From Tailing Ponds

Bulk Material Handling Equipment Keeps Products Moving

H&P Process Spotlight: Activated Carbon

A Guide to Frac Sand Drying For Use in Hydraulic Fracturing

Heyl & Patterson Introduces Mobile App

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at 2014 Powder & Bulk Solids Conference

Heyl & Patterson Signs License Agreement with South African Firm

Who is Heyland Patterson?

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at 2014 Electric Power Conference

Torrefaction Talk at the 2014 International Biomass Conference

H&P to Supply Torrefaction Unit to University of Minnesota Duluth

Heyl & Patterson is Now on Google+

Heyl & Patterson Announces 2014 Railcar Dumper User Group

Heyl & Patterson Signs Partnership Agreement With BHJD in China

Traveling Hammermill Powers Through Frozen Bulk Materials

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at Power-Gen 2013

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at 2013 Coal Handling & Storage Conference

Heyl & Patterson to Speak at Powder & Bulk Solids India Conference

Heyl & Patterson Wins Golden Triangle Award

Heyl & Patterson to Speak at Activated Carbon Conference

Bulk Material Transfer for a Wide Range of Industries

Can the U.S. Learn From Other Countries' Energy Mistakes?

Usable, Sustainable Electricity From Waste Heat

The Rotary Dryer: Workhorse of the Processing Industry

Maintenance is the Key to Keeping a Rotary Dumper Turning

Heyl & Patterson to Host Lab Tours for Frac Sand Insider Conference

H&P Process Spotlight: Fertilizer Processing

The Continuous Barge Unloader in the Grain Industry

Heyl & Patterson is a Proud Supporter of the Iron and Steel Industry

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at Electric Power 2013

Heyl & Patterson Joins Mining Intitiative in Southern Africa

Heyl & Patterson Offers Proven Equipment to Convert Biomass into Fuel

Electricity Holds the Key to U.S. Energy's Future

Lignite Drying Process Means Cleaner Fuel and Increased Efficiency

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at 2013 International Biomass Conference

Move a Train Automatically and Efficiently Without a Locomotive

Clean Coal Could be the Solution to Global Warming

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at 2013 Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast

River Barge Unloading Impacted by 2012 North American Drought

The Unique Advantages of the Renneburg Venturijet Flash Dryer

H&P Process Spotlight: Dried Distillers Grain Processing

Heyl & Patterson to Participate in Upcoming Industry Conferences

Heyl & Patterson Joins Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh

Rota-Side Wagon Tipplers Handle Bulk Materials for the Indian Market

Turning Up the Heat with Calciners

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Maximizing the Efficiency of Railcar Unloading

Factors to Consider in Selecting Industrial Drying Equipment

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at Power-Gen 2012

Industrial Dryer Maintenance Made Easier With Efficient Recordkeeping

The Unique Advantages of the Renneburg Rotacurrent Flash Dryer

Heyl & Patterson Publishes Company History Book

Heyl & Patterson Participates in WorldQuest Trivia Competition

H&P Process Spotlight: Frac Sand Processing for Marcellus Shale

Heyl & Patterson Introduces New Railcar Movers Brochure

Heyl & Patterson Discusses Company Longevity, Torrefaction on WPXI-TV

Heyl & Patterson to Present at Coal Handling & Storage Conference

Heyl & Patterson Named to Western PA Best Workplaces List

Comparing Continuous Conduction Dryers

Understanding How a Conduction Dryer Works

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at MINExpo 2012

LinkedIn and the Heyl & Patterson Dumper User Group

Heyl & Patterson to Host Railcar Dumper User Group Conference

Heyl & Patterson Signs Alliance Agreement with Torrefy Corporation

Heyl & Patterson Innovations Helped Change the World

High Capacity Barge Unloading

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at Coal-Gen 2012

H&P Process Spotlight: Copper Processing

Heyl & Patterson Carries on the Renneburg Legacy

Residence Time Makes All the Difference for Flash Dryers

This Cub Has Claws: A Railcar Mover with Attitude

Heyl & Patterson White Paper: Dryer Maintenance Recordkeeping

The Continuous Barge Unloader vs. the Grab Bucket Unloader

Waste Heat Powers Industrial Processes for Continual Sustainability

Heyl & Patterson Remembers its Role in World War II

H&P Process Spotlight: Wood Torrefaction

Two Types of H&P Wagon Tipplers Meet RDSO Requirements in India

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at Electric Power Conference

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at the PTXi Powder Show

What's in a Word? Heyl & Patterson's Quasquicentennial

Effective Automated Coal Unloading

Heyl & Patterson to Showcase Torrefaction at International Biomass

Aftermarket Upgrades: New Process Equipment Benefits at Half the Cost

Expomin Chile to Feature H&P Mineral Processing Capabilities

H&P Donates Civic Arena Archival Materials to Heinz History Center

Renneburg Fluid Bed: Superior Processing with Lower Costs

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast

The Bottom Dump Railcar vs. the Rotary Railcar Dumper

The Railroad Car Meets the Railcar Dumper

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Heyl & Patterson's Testing Lab Achieves the Desired Results

Heyl & Patterson Kicks Off United Way Campaign

Heyl & Patterson Announces 2012 Dumper User Group Conference

Heyl & Patterson Celebrates 125 Years in Business

Heyl & Patterson to Attend Coaltrans USA

Rotary Dryers: Direct Drying vs. Indirect Drying

Determining Specifications for a Rotary Dryer

The Anatomy of a Rotary Dryer

Proper Railcar Dumper Maintenance Extends Operational Life

All I Want for Christmas is a Railcar Dumper

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at Power-Gen International

Simple But Solid: The Multi-Stage Screw Press

Heyl & Patterson Talks Torrefaction on KDKA-TV

Advantages of the Rotary Railcar Dumper

Heyl & Patterson White Paper: Torrefaction of Wood Biomass

Coal Handling is the Backbone of the Electric Power Industry

Tomorrow: Torrefaction Tours at Heyl & Patterson Testing Lab

See Torrefaction in Action at Heyl & Patterson's Lab Facility

Drying Sludge is a Dirty Job

Introducing New Literature for Thermal Processing Equipment

Wood Torrefaction to be a Hot Topic at Northeast Biomass

DryFining Headlines the 2011 Pittsburgh Coal Conference

Learn About Railcar Movers at Railway Interchange

Heyl & Patterson Signs Representative Agreement with Tecnagent

Seevinck & Associates Represents Heyl & Patterson in Australia

Bringing Railcar Unloader Expertise to Coal-Gen

Continuous Barge Unloaders: The ABCs of CBUs

The Versatile, Dependable Grab Unloader

Torrefaction: The Fuel of the Future

Lignite Drying Reduces Power Plant Emissions, Lowers Consumer Costs

Train Positioners Save Power Plants Time and Money

Turning up the Heat on Process Equipment

Ramping Up the Asian Coal Handling Industry

Powder Processing is Fine Work

Bulk Material Handling is Essential to Port Success

Generating Interest in Electric Power

One-Stop Shop for Biomass

Connecting With Short Line and Regional Railroads

Australia’s Premier Event for the Iron and Steel Industry

Heyl & Patterson Introduces LinkedIn User Group

Chinese-Colombian Railway Could Rival the Panama Canal

Biomass Energy Means Jobs

Coal Industry Undermined by Australian Flooding

Coaltrans USA to Examine Coal Industry Trends

Heyl & Patterson Team Creates Cost-Saving Technology, Wins Award

Power-Gen in Orlando

Next Stop: Power-Gen 2010

Heyl & Patterson Awarded Foreign Manufacturing Certification

Heyl & Patterson Visits India

Dumper User Group 2010

Dumper User Group: September 22-23

Heyl & Patterson at Coal-Gen in Pittsburgh

Heyl & Patterson Signs License Agreement with FLSmidth India