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Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at 2014 Powder & Bulk Solids Conference

Fluid Bed Dryers

A powder is a bulk solid material composed of a large number of very fine, dry particles that flow freely when held at an angle.  These substances are a type of granular material that have finer grain sizes, so they have a greater tendency to clump when flowing, as opposed to coarser materials that do not form clumps except when wet.  Due to their small particle size, powders are more cohesive and more easily suspended in gas.

Heyl & Patterson Signs License Agreement with South African Firm

ELB Engineering Services

Pittsburgh, PA – Heyl & Patterson Inc., a world leader in bulk material handling systems and thermal processing equipment, today announced the signing of an exclusive license agreement with ELB Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd. (ELB), a bulk material handling provider based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Who is Heyland Patterson?

Heyland Patterson

The current version of the Heyl & Patterson website went live in 2010, and it included a woman whose identity has been shrouded in mystery.  Some believe she is related to the company's owners, and others believe she was simply hired as a model to welcome vistors to a website.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Her name is Heyland Patterson, and this is her story.

Heyl & Patterson to Exhibit at 2014 Electric Power Conference

Power Plant Aerial View

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, about 68% of the country's electrical grid is generated by fossil fuels.  As of 2013, about 37% of our energy comes from coal, 30% from natural gas, 30% from nuclear, 7% from hydroelectric and 5.4% from other renewables such as wind (3.46%), biomass (1.42%), geothermal (0.41%) and solar (0.11%).  An additional 1% is generated by petroleum, and less than 1% by other gases such as waste heat from blast furnaces.

Torrefaction Talk at the 2014 International Biomass Conference

NRRI Building

In the early 1980s, the domestic steel crisis left about widespread unemployment across the Iron Range area of Minnesota, and even the state's logging, pulp and paper industries faced global competition.  To counteract these threats and avoid similar issues in the future, a group of researchers, legislators and community members developed the Natural Resources Research Institute (NNRI) within the University of Minnesota Duluth to study the economic impact and sustainability of Minnesota’s minerals, forest products, peat, biomass and water-related industries.

H&P to Supply Torrefaction Unit to University of Minnesota Duluth


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Pittsburgh, PA – Heyl & Patterson Inc., a world leader in thermal processing and bulk material handling systems, today announced the sale of an indirect-fired rotary calciner to the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI).  The unit will be installed at NRRI’s Coleraine, MN facility and will be used to transform wood biomass into torrefied wood, or “biocoal.”

Heyl & Patterson is Now on Google+

Google+ Logo

Google has described Google+ as a social layer that enhances many of its existing online properties.  It is promoted not as just another social networking website, but as an authorship tool that associates web content directly with its owner or author.  Google+ launched in June 2011, and in less than three years has become the world's second-largest social site after Facebook.

Heyl & Patterson Announces 2014 Railcar Dumper User Group

Rotary Railcar Dumper

Heyl & Patterson created the first conference specifically for users of railcar dumping systems in 1984.  Thirty years later, the event still brings users together for industry best practices, product updates, training, roundtables and social networking.  Attendees have access to Heyl & Patterson engineers and technicians to discuss up-to-date techniques and processes for efficient operations.  The exchange of ideas is second to none, and dialogue revolves around actual problems and realistic solutions.

Heyl & Patterson Signs Partnership Agreement With BHJD in China

BHJD Group

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Pittsburgh, PA – Heyl & Patterson Inc., a world leader in thermal processing and bulk material handling systems, today announced the signing of an exclusive partnership with BHJD Mining Engineering & Technology (Beijing) LLC, an equipment procurement and construction (EPC) company based in Beijing, China, that specializes in coal preparation plants.

Traveling Hammermill Powers Through Frozen Bulk Materials


Bitterly cold temperatures keep people indoors, but it's largely business as usual for the unloading of bulk materials.  Even in the extreme cold, the work still needs to be done.  As temperatures drop, materials such as coal, coke, lignite, iron ore and wood chips tend to clump together as the water moisture they contain turns to ice.  In the case of coal, a load can freeze nearly solid if the haul is more than one day away from its receiving station.

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